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the covid-19 diaries series: online exhibitions in three parts part II: new normal

MIA Collective, 2020

MiA Collective Art announces their second online exhibition in the COVID-19 Diaries Series entitled “Part II: New Normal” in which fifteen artists were asked to create work reflect on their new routines under the pandemic from April 9 through April 23, 2020. Marlies Pösch’s visual artwork “A Curve for Critical Infrastructure” (2020) was included as one of the works in the exhibition. The work features a series of curve diagrams and titles narrating experiences in different locations across the work, juxtaposing qualitative and quantitative experience of life during the pandemic.

Accompanying this piece is a short excerpt written by the artist.

ITEM 2020.022 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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Marlies Poeschl