That Dog

Sohn Young - Chul

2001, colour


This video about illusion and reality shows us the dual structure which is the spirit of nature and which it has possessed from the primitive age and will possess in the future.
The first part, one of the artist's realistic expressions, is The Presentation of a Drinking Cup. This section shows us the artist standing in front of a goal post kicking a drinking cup forward into the face of the audience.
The second part, another realistic expression is Stone Dreaming of Moving in which the artist, using his head, moves a stone towards a big tree in a green field in the middle of the city. The participation of the artist in the above spatial temporal structure makes the above structure change into the triple structure including the subjective and leads us to improve our inner sensibility. It is comparable to a strong "jazz" feel.
In part three, an expression of illusion, we can see the artist with the lower part of his body buried below the earth, his head covered by a spherical device of flowers and a fire burning behind his back. This expression is not far from his earlier inner expressions of illusion as shown in previous works. However at the same time it suggests that his inner expression is changing little by little.

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