The Gauge

Kelly McCray

2001, 07:20 minutes, colour


The Gauge Project consists of The Gauge video, large-scale still images and a projection installation, which are based on imagery found in the video.
The video is based on interpretations of the "measure of man". One dominant form representing the "measure", is appropriated from Leonardo Da Vinci's Renaissance drawing -
Proportions of the human figure according to Vitruvius, c 1501. A more contemporary energy form, the cage, represents the other dominant measure. Somewhere in the middle, I hope to reach an essence of the male species.
Da Vinci planned to write a treatise to reveal the "parts of an anatomized man…to show the human body 'just as though you had a real man before you…analyzing all proportions of the body." The treatise was never completed. However, the
Vitruvius Drawing had lived on to become the perfect measure for the male body, containing perfect mathematical proportions. Many contemporary males attempt to live up to this measure. The cage, used in the video, is a metaphoric measure for the mind. It is also a container of proportions. It is a breathing entity onto itself that houses our soul and pounds of imperfect flesh.
As with my previous body of work,
The Gnawts Project, I would like to explore the comparison of the moving image of the video with still images captured from the video. I wish to explore how content shifts between the moving narrative and the isolated frozen image. The resonance of the video remains. However, the two-dimensional vellum output prints seem to take on their own harsh domain, their own territory. I would also like to create site-specific projections based on segments of the video, such as the Breathing Cage, which is represented in the video and sequenced in slides 11 - 15.

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