Tasman Richardson and Nohista

2013, 25:00 minutes


Live A/V performance collaboration.

Inspired by the New York school of abstract expressionism (Rothko, Kandinsky), game glitch culture, and Greek myth, Hydra pits human compositional decisiveness against unpredictable machine generated content. CRTs display expressive signals generated from Atari 2600s. The only way to "tame" the audio/video is to black out the power. By converting midi into voltage, the Ataris are transformed into rebellious instruments. For every head we cut off a new defiant signal replaces it.

Technical setup
Artist will provide:
- Macbook pro, running Ableton Live
- midi to voltage convertor and other specialized electronics
- Soundcraft 8 channel mixer (XLR L and R output)
- 4 atari 2600 video game consoles
- 4 CRT UHF televisions
- 4 induction pick ups with 4 mono ¼” cables
- 2 mini-stereo adapters with 2 mono ¼” cables
- overdrive peddle
- chorus peddle
- delay/reverb peddle
- 3 mirrors
- duct tape
- straps and braces to secure televisions
- canon 7d camera with HDMI output
- mini tripod

Venue will provide:
Sound system equipped with Subwoofer(s)
DI box for audio noise reduction if needed
Table approx. 2 feet wide for laptop and mixer
black tablecloth reaching to floor for total coverage
projection, floor to ceiling if possible or very large, ceiling mounted
Trained Video and Audio technicians to assist if troubleshooting with venue occurs
Stage crew to assist in set up and securing televisions and mirrors.

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