The Mis Fits - Thirty Years of Fluxus

1993, 80:00 minutes, colour, English; French subtitles

A video portrait of a group of artists who since the early 1960's have completely disrupted our ideas of what art can be. A large part of the video was made in Venice in 1990, when many of the original Fluxus artists met to hold a large exhibition in connection with the biennale - almost thirty years after the first highly untraditional Fluxus concerts that took place in various cities, including Wiesbaden and Copenhagen. The video itself is also untraditional as it takes advantage of the possibilities of manipulation provided by video technology. It includes interviews with most of the leading Fluxus artists, documentations of their work, and cuts from such other films and video programmes as have been made during the past thirty years in the interests of this ungovernable art form.

En 1962, Fluxus est lancé et le monde des arts ne sera plus le même: Fluxus est considéré comme le mouvement le plus radical en art depuis la deuxième guerre mondiale. Souvent comparés au néo-dadaïsme, les événements de Fluxus ramènent inévitablement à deux noms importants de l'art contemporain: John Cage et Marcel Duchamp. L'auteur du documentaire, Lars Movin, profite d'une exposition Fluxus à la Biennale de Venise de 1990 pour interviewer plusieurs artistes. Parmi ces artistes (Nam June Paik, La Monte Young, Ben Vautier, Yoko Ono, etc.) certains ont poursuivi leur travail dans la veine Fluxus, tandis que d'autres se sont dissociés du mouvement. Tous rappellent ici les débuts et l'évolution de Fluxus et rendent hommage à son principal leader et organisateur: l'artiste américain-lithuanien Georges Maciunas.

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