Nick Torok

N. Torok has been a practicing artist for the past ten years in various disciplines after graduating from OCA in the integrated media stream. Presently hir work is a self-exploration of the mind-body connection in relation to emotional stress that presents itself in the form of physical manifestations. Hir recent work investigates gender identity and the gender binary on a personal level and on a social level. Hir artwork takes the form of life-sized drawings that examine the internal workings of hir body, paintings that detail these internal excavations and performances that physically display internal emotional process. Hir 2D work is a process through which N. arrives at hir performance material.

Artist Code: 749


Glitch (single channel version)

2004, 15:00 minutes, colour, english

The story of "Closet Girl"

2004, 05:56 minutes, colour, english

Glitch (installation)

2004, 120:00 minutes, colour, english

Ska comes to live

2003, 01:27 minutes, colour, english


2001, 03:13 minutes, colour, english

When Lightning Strikes

2001, 02:00 minutes, colour

Where were you last night?

2000, 00:56 minutes, colour, english