Distribution for Artists

Vtape is a non-exclusive distributor, and all rights for the works we represent are retained remain by the artists, including the right to self-distribution and promotion. We work collaboratively with our artists on an ongoing basis to determine the most effective distribution strategy for their work. We are mandated to secure fees for any public exhibition of the works in our collection (see: Preview | Rent | Purchase). We fill orders, ship and track returning media, invoice clients and collect the distribution fees. Vtape sends reports with payments to Canadian artists twice a year and to international artists once a year. Seventy percent of all rentals and sales of an artist’s work are remitted to the artist; no marketing or promotion costs are deducted.

Vtape’s core markets include film/video festivals, art galleries, museums, educational institutions, and community organizations. The Vtape distribution collection is known for video art, works that push form and content through experimental approaches, social and political issue-based documentaries, and works originating from underrepresented communities. Projects of a conventional nature, for example dramatic shorts or calling card films, are generally not well-served by the focus of this collection.

Once the artist has signed a non-exclusive distribution contract with Vtape, they are required to provide inventory of each work. Vtape helps ensure the work in distribution is ready for circulation with support from our technical facility. When provided with all the necessary information and inventory, the work then becomes a part of Vtape’s Video Catalogue. Vtape determines the most appropriate long-term marketing and promotions approach, negotiates television broadcast licenses and purchase contracts, determining the “rights of use” associated with each license, and can assist with CRTC applications. Vtape provides these services for all videos in our collection, and does not charge artists for specific promotional services. Vtape collaborates with artists in the collection with regard to distribution approaches, encouraging on-going communication with staff around specific exhibition or acquisition objectives as they develop, on a case-by-case basis. The collaboration is furthered when artists direct interest in their video works to Vtape, list Vtape as a print source in festival and exhibition catalogues, and present Vtape as a source for their work throughout their web presence (email signature, website, social media, etc.).

Once an artist is taken into distribution all of that artist’s work is maintained as “active.” Older works may be restored with the artist’s collaboration, and new works are acquired for distribution as they are produced.

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