Eva Ziemsen

Born in Munich, Germany, Eva immigrated to Nova Scotia, Canada in 1988 and moved to Toronto eight years later. Eva began working in theatre and progressed to film, where she has worked as a director, producer and writer for the past 6 years. Her work includes Nicht Nur Zur Weihnachtszeit, a ZDF TV play adapted to stageplay for which she won "Best Director" at the 1998 Sears Theatre Festival in Toronto. She has produced, written and directed several short films, including the multi-award winning, Mama & Papa (2001), the environmental, Child of Chernobyl (2001), as well as, Fortune (2000), The Empress Wears No Clothes (2001), and recently the documentary, A Conversation with Lars von Trier (2005). Her films Have been screened at various festivals around the world, won several awards and have been broadcast on television. She also founded CAUS: The Canadian Australian Film Festival in Adelaide, Australia in 2002 and teaches an annual workshop "How to get into the film Industry in Toronto." Through her Toronto-based company Cineva Films Inc. Eva is currently developing her feature film, Sara's Peace in conjunction with European production companies.

Artist Code: 776


A Conversation with Lars von Trier

2005, 12:00 minutes, colour, English