Cherie Valentina Stocken

Cherie Valentina Stocken is from the Cree/Ojibway Nations. She is also English, French and German. Stocken's video/performance work deals with issues of cultural convergence and the individual identity. She has received her BFA from the University of British Columbia and has screened both nationally and internationally. Some venues include imagineNATIVE Film and Media Arts Festival (Toronto), Images Festival (Toronto), Dreamspeakers International Aboriginal Film and Television Festival (Edmonton) and NURTUREART Non Profit Inc.(New York). She has exhibited at the Alternator Gallery for Contemporary Art, Carleton University Art Gallery, Arusha Center and UBC Okanagan. She received the CanWest Global Centre for the Artists' Video Award and the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies Purchase Award. Her work can be found in the UBC Okanagan, Queen's University, and the University of Oklahoma Art Collections. It is Cherie’s goal to continue to inspire social change throughout her art career.

Artist Code: 781


Systemic Borders

2008, 06:47 minutes, colour, English

The Front Line

2006, 07:23 minutes, colour, English

The Knot Between

2006, 05:14 minutes, colour, English

The Weave

2006, 05:36 minutes, colour, English/Blackfoot

The Medicine Dance

2005, 05:04 minutes, colour, English

A Fine Line

2005, 04:43 minutes, colour, Cree

When the Buffalo Come

2004, 04:27 minutes, colour, Cree