Angela O'Hara

Angela O'Hara was born in 1969 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. She attended the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto where she specialized in editorial illustration, winning the Arts and Letters Award for illustration in 1992. Following, she moved to Dublin, Ireland, to begin a career as a freelance illustrator working for many prominent clients over the next eight years including the Irish Language Board, Irish Post, and the James Joyce Centre. She also concentrated her studies in the area of Irish folklore and writing two books of children's folklore and fiction: Dirty Lane (1995) and Jenny Wren (1997). She travelled often and lived for periods of time in England, Italy, and Mexico. In 2001, she accepted a position teaching art in Gaza city, Palestine, where she wrote extensively on Palestinian art and began her first documentary project, What's Written on the Walls, an installation that evolved into a video documentary. In December, 2002, she moved to Antwerp, Belgium, to work on the post-production of the project with Johan Dehandschutter, veteran filmmaker and director of the Atelier of Film and Videokunst of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Today she is completing her MA at York University in Interdisciplinary Studies and planning her second major video project, an experimental documentary on the role of the jinn (genie) and magic in Palestinian culture.

Artist Code: 784


Dark Tapes

2006, 04:20 minutes, colour, English

What's Written on the Walls

2004, 48:00 minutes, colour, English/Arabic