Gisèle Trudel (Ælab)

Founded in 1996 by artists Stéphane Claude and Gisèle Trudel, Æ is an artist unit that invites other collaborators to participate on a regular basis. Ælab designates production projects in a more anonymous context, clearly reflecting their focus on an ecological and technological conscience rooted in the arts and sciences. Æ seeks to reintroduce the world of animal/vegetal/minerals into the electronic arts. Æ produces audiovisual essays, performances, web projects, databases, site specific installations, publications, psycho-geographic walks, and audio recordings that are listened to in the dark...

Gisèle Trudel is an independent director. She is Professor of New Media at the Ecole des arts visuels et médiatiques de l'Université du Québec à Montréal.
She also worked as a freelance video editor, digital compositing artist, website designer, and was acting as Coordinator of the new media lab of OBORO (97-01), as well workshop instructor at Group Intervention Video.

She is very active in the national and provincial network of artist-run centres and has been invited for presentations, artist talks, exhibitions and screenings in universities, galleries and various international events in The Netherlands, France, India, Mexico, Germany, Morocco and Canada.

Member of Hexagram, Institute for Research/Creation in Media Arts and Technologies.
Member of CIAM, Centre interuniversitaire des arts médiatiques.

Artist Code: 785



2005, 40:00 minutes, colour, English

s11 Tesla and the future

2005, 09:57 minutes, colour, English

s5 Colorado Springs

2005, 05:11 minutes, colour, English

s3 Niagara Falls

2005, 06:20 minutes, colour, English

s8 Wardenclyffe

1999, 09:46 minutes, colour, English

s1 Tesla and his time

1999, 07:45 minutes, colour, English