Alex Grant

Alex Grant is a video artist who currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin. He grew up in the deserts of Wyoming, the mountains of Utah and the cornfields of the Midwest, spending his formative years among wildlife and farm life. Throughout this time, Alex's librarian mother and preacher/storyteller father filled his mind with a myriad of fairy tales and mythical stories. These past experiences have continually affected his work.

Alex's films explore themes of masculinity and archetype found within mythology, nature and the subconscious. He combines animation, found footage and performance to create films that have underlying connections rooted in these concepts.

Artist Code: 790


Magic Memory

2006, 02:55 minutes, colour, English


2006, 12:00 minutes, colour, English

Felling the Forest Giants

2006, 10:29 minutes, colour, English

The Gardener

2005, 05:20 minutes, B&W, English

Men Singing

2005, 02:04 minutes, B&W, English