Lena Recollet

Lena is an Ojibway from Manitoulin Island, Wikwemikong, but now resides in Toronto.

She began exploring the world of writing with The Medea Project at University of Toronto and at The Centre for Indigenous Theatre. From this the Eggs Instead script emerged, and Lena had some dramaturgy time through Native Earths Young Voices, excerpts were read at the Weesageechak Festival of 2006.

Lena had taken part in
Red Cloud Studios Inc., Catapult, a Short Film Workshop and created a short film with the first scene of Eggs Instead, which premiered at the ImagineNative Film Festival and received the Cynthia Lickers Sage Award for Emerging Talent.

Artist Code: 794


Historical Landmark

2011, 03:11 minutes, colour, English

Eggs Instead

2006, 02:32 minutes, colour, English