Jason Krowe

Jason Krowe is Cree/Czech/Irish and hails out of the Beardy’s/Okemasis Band in Saskatchewan. He has been developing his artistic talents as a writer/director/editor/performer for over a decade and is now starting to make his mark. Inside, Hiding was Jason’s first video production. As the Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, and Lead Performer, Jason earned the “Outstanding Achievement Award for Independent Broadcast” at the 2006 IMAGeNation Film Festival in Vancouver, BC.

Jason has story-produced, hosted, and edited over 30 stories for CBC’s daytime lifestyles program, Living Vancouver, 13 of them for a national column. He also contributed as a web content manager for both Living Vancouver and CBC’s Aboriginal Website.

Jason is currently a series director for the kids’ Aboriginal television series, Tansi! Nehiyawetan, a show following young children learning basic Cree through lessons, adventures, song and stories within the urban environment.

Jason is a storyteller/video artist who finds a strong interest in telling socially conscious stories through imaginative, creative and engaging forms. Whatever the project, the challenge, his driving force is to express the underlying message in a clear and succinct manner through the tools of the visual medium.

Artist Code: 799


Finding Charlie

2007, 11:21 minutes, colour

Inside, Hiding

2006, 25:25 minutes, colour