Mani Mazinani

Mani Mazinani is a multidisciplinary artist having produced and continuing to produce work in video, installation, music, painting, photography, printmaking, performance and sound. He makes videos and installations, such as Scalene (2008), Light Air (2010) and Once (2011) that are shown regularly in festivals and exhibitions, including a two person show alongside Michael Snow in 2010. His improvised and composed musics are presented frequently in recordings and performances. He specialized in visual art and ancient philosophy at the University of Toronto and continues to study such fields of thought.

Artist Code: 961



2011, 14:14 minutes, colour/B&W

Screen Scene

2011, 13:19 minutes, colour, EnglishText


2008, 50:50 minutes, colour, English (Ancient Greek with Subtitles)

Sun Scale

2008, 50:50 minutes, colour

Verbal Burglary

2008, 04:02 minutes, colour, English

Passed Time

2007, 01:00 minutes, colour, Silent


2005, 04:26 minutes, colour


2005, 02:35 minutes, colour, English

X (۱۰) Short Cuts

2004, 08:38 minutes, colour, English

One Blocks

2004, 06:00 minutes, colour, English