Liliana Vélez Jaramillo

Liliana Velez is a New York-based artist and writer born in Bogotá, Colombia. She carries a BFA with an Emphasis in Media and Performance, form Los Andes University in Bogotá. Her artwork explores what happens when the line between inside/outside and public/private is blurred. Her primary tool for doing this is the body. She grew up in a Catholic context in Colombia, surrounded by danger and violence; feelings,
thoughts, fears and mistakes were expected to be secret. The body had to remain concealed. Her work feeds on a repressed feeling of exhibitionism that comes from a long time of trying to hide her emotions and her body.

Her videos have been screened in venues such as the 2nd Cali International Film Festival in Colombia, 57th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen in Germany, Loop’10 Festival in Spain, AluCine
Media Festival in Canada, I Heart Video Art Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener (CAFKA) + Area, Canada, Reduced Polished at Monkey Town in Brooklyn, NY, Maximum Bunkers at the Envoy Gallery in New York, 48th Cartagena International Film Festival in Colombia and Asahi Art Festival in Japan.

Artist Code: 968



2010, 01:22 minutes, colour


2010, 03:36 minutes, colour

Ensalada de Frutas (Fruit Salad)

2009, 03:44 minutes, colour


2007, 03:18 minutes, colour


2007, 86:28 minutes, colour

Untitled - Skin

2005, 17:10 minutes, colour