Terril Calder

Terril Calder is a Métis artist, born in Fort Frances and currently residing in Toronto. She lived in the Rainy River Métis District until attending the fine arts program at the University of Manitoba as a drawing major with a focus on performance art. In Winnipeg she became a member of Video Pool and was received training in video production. She exhibited her sculpture and performative work with the Student Bolshevik group until leaving for Toronto in 1992. In Toronto Calder met the Shake Well performance art collective and joined them in various exhibitions that led her to a group that founded the 7a*11d International Performance Art festival in Toronto, Canada. She has lectured and taught art through the years with various organizations that include the National Ballet School of Canada, Art in the Park program and the University of Manitoba. After receiving additional training in 3-D computer animation in 2000 she decided to explore the fusion of various artistic disciplines she had studied. The amalgamation now manifests itself in Stop-Frame Animation that she writes, directs, produces and animates. These films screen internationally and have received much attention.

Artist Code: 972


The Lodge

2014, 73:00 minutes, Colour, English


2013, 01:06 minutes, colour, English


2013, 03:35 minutes, colour, audio

The "Gift"

2011, 02:00 minutes, colour, English, with English subtitles, Closed captions

CANNED MEAT (The Whole Damn Can)

2009, 27:43 minutes, colour, English

CANNED MEAT (Immobilized)

2008, 03:30 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing

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