Kim Chee Lee

I am a 78 year old Eurasian gay man. Born in St. Boniface Manitoba. I had a stroke when I was in my 70s. Luckily I was visiting my auntie Annice at a nursing home. Received excellent emergency care and recovered without significant disability, never the less I have some difficulty with verb tense and less confident performing. I'm now enjoying good health and have an active involved life. I came out when I was in my late teens and was accepted, loved and supported by my family.

I am curious and interested in making film (video). I am very happy for the opportunity to speak out for seniors in the health care system and nursing homes in Canada and against homophobia, ageism in the Canadian multicultural society.

Artist Code: 987


The KCLPAS Story

2010, 04:15 minutes, colour, English