Alexis Mitchell

Alexis Mitchell is a Toronto-based media artist whose video works and documentaries have screened all over Canada, the U.S and internationally. She has been creating performative documentary and hybrid visual works that focus on queerness, performativity, the body, the carnivalesque, architecture and queer notions of diaspora. Most recently, she completed an MFA in Film and Video Production at York University under the supervision of filmmaker John Greyson.

Within the realm of body politics, Alexis followed the “Fat Femme Mafia” in a documentary called
Rubb My Chubb: Fat Activism and the Fat Femme Mafia, as well as created a fat-positive photo book entitled, It Ain’t Over: Fat Photos and Politics of Size. She worked alongside media-artist Tori Foster to create Circus Geeks & Sideshow Freaks, a video documentary following Toronto’s queer clown duo “The Hobo Homos”. Other collaborations include: a commissioned video project with Foster for Toronto Pride entitled Queeropolis: Toronto 1972-2008 - a topological study of the queer, urban fabric of Toronto, as well as a 3-part video installation queering notions of homeland and diaspora with Sharlene Bamboat entitled Inextricable. Her MFA thesis video entitled CAMP merges architectural and queer theory to forge possible acts of transgression within contemporary Jewish culture and politics.

Artist Code: 988


Empire Symbol, Or A Man and his Mule

2015, 17:00 minutes, colour, English


2014, 17:09 minutes, Colour, English

The Break

2013, 13:55 minutes, colour, English

Citizen Kenney: A Love Letter in 3 Parts

2012, 06:18 minutes, colour, English


2010, 24:45 minutes, colour, English