Alper Şen

Alper Şen was born in 1977 in Ankara. He graduated from Political Science Dept. of METU in 2000. He studied in Ankara Uni. Radio, TV and Cinema Dept. graduate program between 2001-2006. He worked in 25+ Short Film Workshop as editor and director between 2000-2003. He joined different video collectives in Turkey and Europe like VideA, Cinema for Peace, Film Collective, Kozavisual, NisaMasa, Karahaber. In 2007, he completed his documentary "Scavengers from Hakkari to Ankara", which screened in various film festivals and video exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. He worked as director and producer in SFR Film in Ankara between 2007 - 2010. There, he directed and produced various videos and documentaries for groups and institutions. He joined to the Greenhouse Documentary Development Program with the documentary project "Fight for the Garbage" in 2008. In 2009, he directed two documentaries on football in Germany and France for NTVSPOR. In 2010 he worked as an editor of Antoni Muntadas' Documentary "On Translation: Açık Radyo". Currently he is working as coordinator of "artıkişler" which has been established by a group of independent documentary and video directors as a visual art platform since 2007.

Artist Code: 1001


Scavengers from Hakkari to Ankara

2007, 70:00 minutes, colour, Turkish, Kurdish with English Subtitles

Behind the Mountain

2007, 47:00 minutes, colour, Kurdish, Turkish, Greek, Serb, German, English, with English Subtitles