Katy Beinart

My practice is interdisciplinary, combining art and architecture to examine themes of history, identity and place. Much of my work is research based and site-specific, and evolves through a participatory process, which has developed from several years working in youth arts and participatory development. I am interested in creating work in public places, which offer opportunities for participation and interaction for residents and users, sparking dialogue and inviting collaboration in the process of place-making.

I trained as an architect at the Bartlett, University College, London and Oxford Brookes University, and my practice involves a research process often using architectural representations, including map-making and drawing, photography, and film. Outcomes vary from installations and interventions into the environment, public art works, and performance, to gallery based work documenting a process. I am particularly interested in using optical devices and illusions, and in the language of tourism as a vehicle for understanding place.

My current project, Origination, is an investigation into genealogy, migration and environment, using the history of plant transfers and environmental change to explore questions of identity and belonging.

In addition to my artistic practice, I have extensive experience as an educator in galleries, schools and informal settings.


The Ley Hunter's Companion

2008, 07:15 minutes, B&W, English