Toni Serra

Toni Serra was born in Barcelona but is currently living between Barcelona (Spain) and Duar Msuar (Morooco). He is the author of video and video programs, member of OVNI Archives [] and is currently working on research projects: TrasnArab and Babilon Archives.

His videos explore different visions between the essay and the poetry, with a evocation of trance and the realities of dream. His first works in New York and Tangiers questioned the beauty and mystery of ephemeral and marginal. In 1998 he completed the TV Codes series: a critical immersion into the mass media mechanisms of alienation, a deconstruction of its hypnotical creation of social and identitary models. His latest videos immerses one into it’s relationship with the visionary, into the inner experience, the no man’s land between real and unreal, dream and waking, poetry and profecy as a way to deepen the criticism of reality.


Seven Performances

1992, 58:00 minutes, colour/B&W

Pura Fe (Pure Faith)

1991, 07:00 minutes, B&W

Critical Writing

Visions Urbanes: Cicle de Vídeo Creació. Barcelona: Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona.