Monica Forrester

Monica Forrester is a transgendered woman of colour born and raised in Toronto. She’s been a part of the LGBTTQ community for twenty years and has advocated for awareness and visibility of trans women in Canadian society.For the past ten years, she has been working with the 519 Church Street Community to help low-income women sexworkers and to bring more visibility to agencies that trans women access. She produces a bi-monthly zine called “Trans Pride Toronto,” which fosters a connection for trans-identified people within the community and abroad.Forrester has been an important educator within the Fred Victor Centre, an important resource for people who provide housing, such as landlords and non-profit housing organizations, as well as a supportive touch-point in the lives of many transgendered and transsexual women who are seeking housing. She believes in her work in advocating for the trans community because gaining acceptance, tolerance, and equality is very important to this community that has a lot to offer in mainstream society.


Madame Lauraine's Transsexual Touch

2001, 34:00 minutes, colour, English