Eileen Kage

Eileen Kage is primarily a performer/composer of Taiko. She has been active in Vancouver's Taiko community for 17 years, initiating several Vancouver Taiko groups including Uzume Taiko, Sawagi Taiko and Reijingu Horumonzu. Kage has collaborated with a variety of artists as well as toured throughout Canada, the US and Europe. Currently, she composes and performs with LOUD, a trio composed of Taiko and electric guitar. She is also part of Sawagi Taiko, an all women's Taiko group. Recently, Eileen has started to explore and incorporate digital media in her work. She has done soundtracks for video and was a technical intern at the Western Front from 1996 - 98.


Rent Do

2005, 19:30 minutes, colour, Eng, Span, Ger, Canton, Japanese