Ingeborg Houwen

Houwen was born in Friesland in the year when “Understanding Media” was published. She is a Dutch scenario writer (of reality scratching fiction (drama)), and a (performance) artist exploring contemporary life (art) in digital media. Known in the field as author of Diagram Sci-fi Karaoke, she currently designs post technological mixed media with speech & language (technology), moving images in a real time engineering interactive (computer) system. Besides Theatre Science Houwen studied (Language, Emotion, Anthropological) Philosophy, Aesthetics, Theology, and Film at the University of Amsterdam. Her work has been shown in Brazil (File Festival), Croatia (Split Media Festival), Amsterdam (ASU, Felix Meritis/ SMART Gallery, Germany (EMAF). As a result from her design work Ingeborg Houwen has developed a deep insight in the development of the Dutch Information society and it's future human machine based education system. She can (develop) work professionally as a communication expert consulting tele research based institutions. As the founder of IICE her target is to institute a school for creative writing, educating and generating narrative output as both a human social and artistic tool. In the international art field Ingeborg works as Script Consultant and Video Art Maker.

In 1990 Ingeborg Houwen debuted in ‘Het Werkteater’ the Dutch improvisation collective where actors are the author - an experimental theatre project that started in the late (19) sixties. In the late eighties early nineties this format was becoming more and more a tool for social targeting, learning Ingeborg writing and playing for special commissions. This provided an entrance to modern experiment but also paid for University College. Houwen became a Master of the Arts (in Theatre Science) by comparing these (Dutch) theatre experiments with the early modern ideals in art. That study formed a creative diving board for both new media culture and performing arts; fields were Miss Houwen worked in mostly autonomous.


Phony Story

2004, 01:30 minutes, colour

The Dutch Touch

2001, 16:30 minutes, colour, English