Karen Hoeberg

My art practice is rooted in the stories of my family and my relationship with land. Over many years, through the mediums of installation, video, audio and the web, I have been exploring stories of personal passage in relation to difficult environmental issues. Much of my work is about creating sanctuary. Current projects press a the mystery of the body as a sanctuary... a site for the 'voicing' and cradling of loss.

Artist Code: 147


My Father And I Went Fishing

1987, 03:00 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing

Exhibit Thrives on Vacancy: Life Zones Evokes Sense of Spirituality
by Garth Buchholz. Winnipeg Free Press, Mar. 11, 1995.
Flight Lodge: By Karen Hoeberg
by Alison Gillmor. Border Crossings, Mar. 1987.