Beat Brogle

For Onewordmovie Beat Brogle and Phillippe Zimmermann have designed a search engine that lets users call up images on the Internet by inputting search terms. The images are converted into a short film which is played in real time. The film lasts until all the visual material is used up. Onewordmovie investigates how image and language refer to each other and what kind of dialogue is possible between the two. It searches for a symbiosis of cinematic language and online applications. Onewordmovie has been executed in the last few years in various ways: as an installation with multiple users and screens; as a big screen in public space, with images called up through text messages; and in the web version presented at DEAF04.


Black Milk

2002, 04:00 minutes, colour, N/A


1998, 05:00 minutes, colour