Mark Handley

The Banff Centre Community Residency in Winter 1993, brought together a group of 40 artists whose work and prespective had in common a relationship to social and community issues. The artists were involved in four different projects: Second Decade: AIDS, Community and Television; Pauktuutit: a pan-arctic Inuit Women's collective dealing with social issues: A New Generation an Old Culture: Japanese-Canadian artists dealing with notiions of heritage, culture and identity and Mekarôn: a collective of visual artists addressing issues of langauge and communication in an inter-ethnic context. Mekarôn compilation represents the 7 short pieces produced by the collective.

The Third Mind, 4:00, 1992. Mark Handley is based out of Vancouver, BC. He has worked primarily as an actor through Spirit Song Native Theatre Company and played in the 1992 revival of the play The Ecstacy of Rita Joe. He is one of the co-founders of BC Vision, a native film and video cooperative. Handley has worked as an assistant on many native film and art projects and was associated with the PITT Gallery (Vancouver, BC).

Artist Code: 3032


Mekarôn Compilation

1993, 37:48 minutes, colour/B&W