Melanie Fei-Lin Boyle

The Banff Centre Community Residency in Winter 1993, brought together a group of 40 artists whose work and prespective had in common a relationship to social and community issues. The artists were involved in four different projects: Second Decade: AIDS, Community and Television; Pauktuutit: a pan-arctic Inuit Women's collective dealing with social issues: A New Generation an Old Culture: Japanese-Canadian artists dealing with notiions of heritage, culture and identity and Mekarôn: a collective of visual artists addressing issues of langauge and communication in an inter-ethnic context. Mekarôn compilation represents the 8 short pieces produced by the collective.
Dig Dig Dig, 2:30, 1992. Melanie Fei-Lin Boyle is primarily a painter who approaches issues of cultural territory through representations of the landscape of Western Canada and China. She has worked on the Nitassinan mural project, was a member of Articule and is involved with the Chinese community in Montréal.


Mekarôn Compilation

1993, 37:48 minutes, colour/B&W