Kyath Battie

Kyath Battie is a Canadian filmmaker and experimental media artist, with specific interests in mysteries, landscapes and sound design. Her work ranges from personal and observational documentaries to atmospheric spatial explorations of space. Her work also involves large-scale viewership, often creating a fine line between a ‘cinematic’ and still photographic experience. She is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Cinema at Denison University, in Ohio, USA.

Artist Code: 1027



2012, 21:34 minutes, colour

The Leona Drive Project

2011, 20:06 minutes, colour, English

Emergency Exit

2011, 03:50 minutes, colour

Temps Mort

2011, 07:04 minutes, colour


2011, 11:46 minutes, colour

Critical Writing

Curatorial Incubator: Stop With the Performance Already!
by Lisa Steele. Toronto: V tape, 2014.