Alice Wang

Alice Wang (b. 1983, China) is an artist and filmmaker based between Toronto and Los Angeles. Through experimental film, video projections, and digital prints, Alice explores the perceptual possibilities of image and memory lodged within the deep recesses of our elastic minds. Shifting at the intersection of various dimensions —censored histories and forbidden thoughts, adjacent spaces and virtual matter— Aliceʼs work animates latent material realities taking shape at the cusp of liminal experiences. On the verge of disintegration, the materiality of images in Aliceʼs work reveals itself to be an unstable substance—like the flow of memory, it surges and disappears in consciousness at the speed of light. Alice received a BFA from the California Institute of the Arts, and an MFA from New York University. She also studied Computer Science and International Relations at the University of Toronto prior to her formal education in art. Since the summer of 2012, Alice has been living and working in Paris as a fellow of the Carla Bruni- Sarkozy Foundation. In 2013, Alice will be exhibiting new work at Concord Space in Los Angeles and Tor 111 in Berlin.

Artist Code: 1033


The fallacy of misplaced concreteness

2012, 35:27 minutes, colour, English and Mandarin with English Subtitles