Oktay İnce

Oktay İnce was born in Mersin, Mut in 1960. He studied psychology between 1992-1995 in Middle East Technical University. In 2000, he established the video-act collective "karahaber" (blacknews) with his video collegues. In 2003, he joined to the collective editing project, Timescapes established by video artist Angela Melitapoulos. He joined several international video workshops in Sofia, Barcelona and Belgrade with his video "Behind the Mountain". He joined to the Greenhouse Documentary Development Program with Alper Şen, with their video project "Fight for the Garbage". Some parts of their videos has been screend in Zet Foundation (Amsterdam, May 2009) and Les Rencontres International (December 2010). Currently he is working with Armenian and Turkish visual artists under the project named "Dialogue in Motion".


Scavengers from Hakkari to Ankara

2007, 70:00 minutes, colour, Turkish, Kurdish with English Subtitles

Behind the Mountain

2007, 47:00 minutes, colour, Kurdish, Turkish, Greek, Serb, German, English, with English Subtitles