Jim Shedden

Jim Shedden is the Manager of Publishing at the Art Gallery of Ontario. He spends his spare time making films, writing his 1000 Songs blog, and programming live music events. Shedden has worked as a curator, educator, writer, researcher, and producer. Shedden was an integral member of the Bruce Mau Design studio, acting as the producer on a number of groundbreaking projects, including exhibitions, art installations, videos, books, festivals, conferences, and websites. A producer and director, Shedden’s films include a documentary about the avant-garde filmmaker Stan Brakhage; Michael Snow Up Close; and Independent Visions. He is the author of numerous articles on film, art, music, and books. Jim is a recovering alcoholic.

Artist Code: 1058


I Drink

2014, 87:00 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing

David Rimmer. Films & Tapes 1984-1993
by Dawn Caswell and Jim Shedden.