Naomi Binder Wall

Naomi Binder Wall has been an adult educator, community organizer and activist for more than 30 years. She uses video to document solidarity events and tours, community events, demonstrations, and community histories. In 1984, Naomi produced "Growing Together", a documentation of women organizing in Regent Park, a housing community in downtown Toronto. She has written, directed and produced "My Mother, My Mirror", a video retrospective of her mother's life, which premiered in 1995. "My Mother, My Mirror" has screened at festivals in Toronto and Berkeley, California, and was broadcast on the Women's Television Network (WTN). Her first film, "Poster Woman!" is a short fable about a young woman's alienation and transformation. It recently screened at the 2nd annual Splice This! Super 8 Film Festival, in Toronto.


Poster Woman!

1999, 05:08 minutes, B&W, English

My Mother My Mirror

1995, 42:00 minutes, colour, eng

Growing Together

1984, 42:00 minutes, colour, English