The International Sami Film Institute

The International Sámi Film Institute (ISF) is dedicated to providing Sámi people with the skills and economic opportunities in developing, producing, and distributing Sámi films in the Sámi language.

The ISF is a centre for promoting cooperation and encouraging productions with other indigenous filmmakers and organizations internationally.
The ISF was founded in  2007 in Gouvdageaidnu/Kautokeino, Norway. The initial capital was 1,5 million NOK provided by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture for film activities, and an additional 300.000 NOK from the Norwegian Sámi Parliament. The ISF is intended to serve professional film workers across the Sámi area, in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Film projects presented to the ISF are primarily to be produced in the Sámi language.

Artist Code: 1088



2015, 86:00 minutes, colour, Various languages, English or Spanish subtitles