Clark Ferguson, Director

Clark Ferguson is is the creative director of Family Farm Films. He is a Saskatchewan-born Québec based filmmaker, Camera Operator and artist. His work discusses larger, complex societal issues surrounding the politics of ‘place’ through a local or community perspective. In doing so his work empowers that local voice and gives an emotive sense of urgency to the issues at play—whether it be concerns regarding environment, geopolitics, or the erosion of that local culture through new or existing pressures.

His filmography includes many short fiction and documentary works that have screened festivals internationally. He is currently in pre-production on a documentary titled, "Chaga Hunter" (2015) that follows a mushroom forager in search of the elusive Chaga mushroom – a super food known for its anti-cancer properties, and a feature length documentary exploring the private world of the Canadian Tree Planter (2016) as well as several documentary and fiction based short movies.

Artist Code: 1091


Shadow of a Giant

2015, 29:59 minutes, colour, English