Finn Paul

Finn Paul's practice draws from the quotidian to make queer bonds and sociality into art. Born in Bellflower, CA in 1981, he is a filmmaker and artist whose work addresses themes of historiography, selfhood, and truth-telling in and out of the context of queer and trans communities. In an enactment towards healing and the ways radical honesty can confluence in everyday, commonplace means, he takes up his own identity as a locus for the complexities and traumas of the lives inextricably bound with his: friends, family, and the array of social texts that influence queer and trans culture. Working with moving and still image, performance and writing, his work has screened at Outfest, Mix NYC, Frameline, the Scottish Queer International Film Festival, Kreives/Vilnias LGBT Festivalis, Northside Film Festival, Athens International Film Festival, San Francisco Short Film Festival, Twist: Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Redcat, the Echo Park Film Center, and ATA.

Artist Code: 2052


beside the water, 1999-2004

2018, 12:00 minutes, colour, English

(the here and now) a visit

2016, 12:00 minutes, colour, English

a year in review

2013, 08:00 minutes, colour, English

A Landscape of an Interior Space

2012, 03:31 minutes, colour, English

and what remains

2011, 13:00 minutes, colour, English

Yes, You Are Okay

2011, 08:00 minutes, colour, English

The story of my birth

2009, 04:33 minutes, colour, English