Nicole Rayburn

My artistic practice is a blundering convergence of text, video, and still imagery. Often via appropriation and obsessive repetition, my work addresses ideas around ‘the other’, human/non-human relations, and concepts of boundary and transgression through the lens of history, religion, and popular culture. My work rarely offers resolutions, but rather stages propositions, presents multifarious perspectives, and isolates small gestures to foster curiosity and contemplation.

I hold a Masters of Fine Art from the University of Western Ontario and a BFA Honors from the University of Alberta, and am currently a permanent faculty instructor at the Yukon School of Visual Art in 4-D: Introduction to Time-Based Media and Visual Culture Studies (Fall Semester). I am the founder and producer of Cold Cuts Video Festival, and currently live and work between Dawson City, Yukon, and Vernon, BC.

Artist Code: 2053


consume repeat #2

2016, 01:20 minutes, colour, English


2015, 05:40 minutes, colour, English

How to Identify a Witch

2014, 03:35 minutes, colour, English

The Serpent & The Mouse

2013, 03:31 minutes, colour, English