Ezra Claytan Daniels

Ezra Claytan Daniels is a mixed-race American (black/white) multidisciplinary artist and creator of the award-winning graphic novels, Upgrade Soul and BTTM FDRS. Ezra currently resides in Los Angeles, where he writes for film and television, including Doom Patrol, for HBO Max, and Horror Noire, for Shudder.

Ezra and Buki’s first collaborative work, the animated Afrofuturist short film, The Golden Chain, has screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Images Festival, Anthology Film Archives, the British Film Institute, Redcat Theater, Museum of Contemporary Arts Chicago, Festival Animator, Black Cinema House, and on the Criterion Channel. In 2017, The Golden Chain was acquired by the Whitney Museum of American Art for their permanent collection.


The Golden Chain

2016, 13:20 minutes, colour, English, Available with French sibtitles