Oksana Hohol

Oksana Hohol was born in England, in 1958, to parents of Ukrainian and German heritage. When she was five years old, she emigrated to Toronto, Canada. Seeking an alternative high school experience, and an autonomous identity from her more academic twin, Oksana graduated valedictorian from SEE school of experiential learning in Etobicoke, in 1976. She graduated with a BA in Social Anthropology from Laval University in 1981, and then pursued graduate studies in anthropology in Mexico. Upon returning to Canada, she entered teacher's college at the University of Toronto, which shaped the next thirty years of her professional career as a primary teacher in inner city schools of St. Jamestown, Toronto.

Oksana has a strong sense of community. She has volunteered at hospitals, the Centre for Spanish Speaking People, Gay Pride, public schools, and Ukrainian youth and elder care facilities. Oksana is an avid cyclist and competed in the Gay Games in New York City in 1994.  She is fluent in English, French, Ukrainian and Spanish.  She enjoys the experience of travel and has traveled to over thirty countries.

Oksana was part of Inside Out’s intergenerational New Visions 2017. Along with brooke lydbrooke, she codirected a short documentary entitled
In The Middle of Nowhere. Currently Oksana is a dedicated member of Toronto’s queer Counterpoint Community Orchestra, sings in City Choir, is an avid gardener, and a stain glass artist.  She also has a keen interest in disability art and queer art, and the intersection between the complexities of cross cultural identity, art and politics.

Artist Code: 2072.00


In The Middle of Nowhere

2016, 14:51 minutes, ciolour, English