Lauren Gabrielle Fournier

Lauren Gabrielle Fournier (she/her) is a writer, curator, and filmmaker who writes autotheories and fictions for the page and the screen. She is a white, queer settler from a working-class/low-income background and is a first-generation student and scholar. She holds a PhD in Literature from York University and completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Visual Studies at the University of Toronto in 2021. Her book Autotheory as Feminist Practice in Art, Writing, and Criticism was published by The MIT Press (2021), and has been widely featured and reviewed in such venues as The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism, High Theory, Hyperallergic, and Art in America. In it, she proposes that work by artists like Adrian Piper and many other LGBTQ2SIAA+ and BIPOC artists ought to be considered alongside a literary history of the emergent genre of "autotheory." Her debut novella is a hybrid work of autofiction and literary criticism, and is forthcoming through Fiction Advocate (San Francisco) in 2022. She has published fiction and other creative writings internationally, including the recently published short story "The Grateful Dad" in Soft Punk Magazine (London, UK, 2021): a story of class, colonialisms, and collectibles set in a blue collar neighborhood in Saskatchewan on the eve of Y2K. Her curatorial and editorial projects like Fermenting Feminism have traveled internationally and have been featured in such publications as CBC, Die Tageszeitung, Kunstkritikk, and The New York Times. Currently, she is writing and thinking about issues related to settler colonialisms and whiteness, microbes and ecologies, class mobility, intergenerational trauma, and the vagus nerve.


Is It Bad To Be A Witch

2015, 04:59 minutes, black and white, English

Sex and Death

2015, 03:24 minutes, black and white, English


2015, 05:24 minutes, colour, English

New Yoga Poses

2015, 02:46 minutes, colour, English

You're Hysterical (Remix)

2015, 05:31 minutes, colour, English

Finitude (view from Kitsilano)

2014, 01:01 minutes, colour, English

Kombucha Mother (Tarot Reading)

2014, 02:00 minutes, black and white

Aesthetics/Anaesthetics (after Susan Buck-Morss)

2014, 05:00 minutes, black and white, English

Ballerina and the Abject (1993)

2014, 00:22 minutes, colour, English

Mermaid Comb and Everything (1994)

2014, 00:15 minutes, colour, English

You're Hysterical

2014, 05:31 minutes, colour, English

Music Video For Silence

2014, 02:21 minutes, colour, English

Self Love Limits

2013, 05:24 minutes, colour

Existential Bedtimes

2008, 07:02 minutes, colour, English