Terence McGlade

Terence works in beauty. For the last 30 years his artistic practice has revolved around nature and it’s adaptation in the built environment.
His designs for small inner-city gardens or large urban rooftops, are informed by the beauty of nature. Nature is a means to defining the dilemmas of modern living and has helped me understand tension between mass and void.
When designing landscapes, creating movement within a time/space continuum has given me a historical sense of place and a vision into the future.
Knowing that in 20 years, the tree you planted at 8ft tall will grow to 50ft, and occupy a space of 20ft, gives one an understanding of scale, the effects of time and an admiration of nature that goes beyond merely its objectification.
Our biofilial relationship to nature is only now being explored and is leading to works of art that involve nature in a more profound sense.

Artist Code: 2083



2020, 05:17 minutes, no language, musical score

Just An Inconvenience

2017, 24:25 minutes, Colour, English


2016, 05:24 minutes, Colour, English

Slow Dazzle

1976, 13:32 minutes, Colour, English


1974, 04:30 minutes, Colour, English


1974, 07:00 minutes, Colour, English