Alexandra Hickox

Alexandra Hickox is an emerging artist who works with photography and videos. Currently, she is in her second year in the Masters’ film production program at York University (Toronto, Ontario).  She graduated from Ontario College Arts and Design University in 2014, with a Bachelor of Fine Art in photography and integrated media minor. Her technical experience with film production includes After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and stop motion capture. She has had several experiences using a variety of digital cameras in different kinds of situations. Recently, She worked with the Bolex camera, including hand development. She is currently working on creating a video for Deaf Spirit Theatre's production, as well as their stage manager. The current thesis that she is working on is a short film exploring Deaf life, Deaf culture and language. She is also a member of the SuroalGals filmmaking collective which works with Deaf cultural issues. In the summer of 2012, she worked with John Greyson, on Jerchio/ Bagdad as his set photographer’s assistant. She is enjoying experiencing new things and working in a range of environments, while she develops more of skills in filming and photography.

Artist Code: 2084


Just Like You Do

2014, 01:35 minutes, Colour, American Sign Language, Open Captions