Freedom From Fear

Freedom From Fear unlimited was founded in New York, 1982. The company facilitates stories that seizes our political realities. The works must be relevant to the development of society. Culture,film, economics, sociology, health and technology are closely related and in this complex interaction with rules and strong participants, we want our stories to participate since they highlight rules and structures seen from the everyday life perspective. It is about survival, what background we come from, both physically and mentally.

Mona J. Hoel is an internationally awarded director, screenwriter and producer who until 2015 have been producing only her own movies through her company Freedom From Fear. Mona is mostly known for her works «Cabin fever/Når nettene blir lange» Dogma nr. 19, 2000 that attended the Toronto International Filmfestival and was chosen for «Case study» for its interesting production.

In 2000 the film was also nominated for the Chrystal Globe at the Karlovy Vary international filmfestival 2000 and written up as box office in Screen International. Her next feature film «Chlorox, ammonia and coffee» won the main price at the Mannheim/Heidelberg international filmfestival, and participated in the New Film New directors, at the MoMa international filmfestival New York 2005.

Mona J. Hoel is currently developing Sara Margrethe Oskal´s feature film debut «The flame keepers» and is currently in post with her own two feature films «Night» and «Green goes white» (work title). She also just released her new short film «One last chance» that competed in the Grimstad International Shortfilmfestival competition, June 2018.

Artist Code: 2089


The daughter of the sun (Beaivvi Nieida )

2018, 11:00 minutes, yes, Norwegian/Sámi with English subtitles

Guovssahas oaidna du / The Northern Light sees you / Aurora keeps an eye on you

2015, 11:00 minutes, colour, Sami with English subtitles