Cookie Brunel

Cookie Brunel has lived and worked in many different cities as an archaeologist, musician, and artist. Their artwork relies on the notion that if something is funny, it is important to ask why. A person's sense of humor reveals much about their political ideology, so Brunel interrogates humor (often auto-biographically) as a way to destabilize systemic discrimination that has become invisible through social normalization. Through sculpture, video, and web art, Brunel considers how different types of humor can be used to reclaim agency. They studied art at the Alberta University for the Arts and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Artist Code: 2097


Every Worm Deserves a Mansion

2018, 09:15 minutes, colour, English

Mattress Poster

2014, 01:36 minutes, colour, English, no dialogue

Critical Writing