The Powers

The Powers is Katherine Kline, Jessica Mensch, and Emily Pelstring.

The Powers is at once a band, an artistic collaboration, and a research group committed to weaving alternate realities through video, music, story-telling, dance, and ritualistic performance. The Powers create a speculative reality that is absurd, irreverent and terrifying, inhabited by animal kin and monstrous creatures, haunted by other-dimensional entities, and erupting with the repressed archetypes of classical myth. In this world, The Powers foster dynamic relationships with all sorts of beings--earthly, embodied, and otherwise. They invoke a pantheon of characters and deities, and include them in feminist reconfigurations of hetero-patriarchal myths. They draw inspiration from mythological trinities of sisters such as the Graeae, the Gorgons, and the Fates, and recast these icons in reclaimative, chaotic media events.


Sistership TV Episode 4: The Sistership Arrives

2020, 29:18 minutes, Colour, English

Sistership TV Episode 3: Blob Descending a Staircase

2019, 28:55 minutes, Colour, English

Sistership TV Episode 2: Medusa Lols

2019, 29:05 minutes, colour, English

Sistership TV Episode 1: Gotta Crack a Few Eggs

2019, 25:57 minutes, colour, English