Bianca Shonee Arroyo-Kreimes

Shonee once had a dream about an Earth devoid of human life. Her fantasy compelled her to augment her own version of panspermia using video as a medium. Through animation and installation, she explores humankind’s relationship to the natural world. In particular, its detachment from it. Shonee’s work questions ways in which nature too can technologically evolve alongside humanity in the digital age and how in turn, technology can also be seen as a sort of superorganism. Her practice explores the interplay between artificial and non-artificial entities by simulating environments where the neo-biological is emphasised against our anthropocentric reality and the detrimental impact civilization has left on once flourishing biodiversities. Fascinated by the surreal forms found in nature, the mathematical intricacies of patterns, of structures and species, colours, sounds, and textures; growing up on the edge of a jungle in Costa Rica fuels her creative practice as she strives to resurrect the meaning of nature’s place in her own life now as both an urbanite and multidisciplinary artist. The emergence of what could be, and not of what is, addresses the symbiosis between reality and artifice in her work in vivo, in vitro, in situ, and in silico. In doing this, her practice strives to simplify humankind, relegating its desire to separate itself from nature to the convergence of emergent biological and technological life forms.


Sistership TV Episode 3: Blob Descending a Staircase

2019, 28:55 minutes, Colour, English