David Borish

David Borish is a visual-based social and health researcher pushing at the frontiers of using audio-visual methodologies to explore and understand relationships between humans and the environment. His skillset sit at the interface of documentary film, public health, cultural and social wellbeing, wildlife conservation, audio-visual and qualitative research methods. Through his PhD, David worked in partnership with Inuit from the Nunatsiavut and NunatuKavut regions to document, explore, and communicate their relationship with caribou through community-based documentary film. David has also worked on diverse visual-based projects in partnership with Indigenous communities in other countries, including Peru, Malaysia, Nepal, and Uganda, to amplify voices that are often left out of social, health, and environmental decision-making. His visual work spans a variety of topics and themes, including Indigenous leadership in conservation and stewardship, social development and education, agriculture and sustainability, health and wellbeing, and climate resilience. His films and visual outputs have been presented to audiences in classrooms and at festivals, workshops, and conferences internationally. Most importantly, he has been recognized as a co-creation expert, working alongside Indigenous communities and partners to use visual media in ways that support their own self-determination and sovereignty. David has also worked as a visual educator for National Geographic Student Expeditions, leading trips in Iceland and Alaska.

Artist Code: 2133


HERD: Inuit Voices on Caribou

2022, 60:00 minutes, English with subtitles in Inuktitut