Bretta C. Walker

Bretta C. Walker is a creative practitioner utilizing still and motion photography in an intuition-driven practice. By harnessing the necromantic qualities of the photographic and cinematic processes to hold communion with source, self, and surrounding - her works address issues of liminality, somatic memory, and passage.
Walker’s work is that of a deeply personal practice grounded in healing, drawing cues from the resilience and sublimity of Nature and its intrinsic relation to the female condition and form. In her dedication to analog technologies and celluloid, alongside her personal research in eco-processing - alchemy, the hand, and a sense of locality are everpresent forces and co-authors in her work.
Walker was born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of rural Appalachia. She is a budding herbalist of the Wise Woman tradition, spearheads the publishing project Evidence House and holds a BFA in Studio Art from Tufts University. Her works have shown in various galleries and festivals across the world and her photographic work is permanently archived in several institutional collections, including that of The International Center of Photography, Artist Book Collection at Duke University Libraries, The Centre for Expanded Poetics, and the Rare Books Collection at the Webster Library of Concordia University.


Datura’s Aubade

2021, 17:21 minutes, Colour and b&w, English & Spanish