Shikha Jhingan

Shikha Jhingan is a documentary video maker from New Delhi, India. After finishing her bachelor's degree in Political Science from Delhi University. Shika Jhingan joined the Mass Communication Research Centre inJamia Millia University, one of the premier schools in the field of development communications. It is here that she along with five other women film makers formed Mediastorm, the only independent film making group in India run by women. Since then Shikha has been involved with all the three documentaries produced by Mediastorm.
In 1988 Shikha Jhingan decided to join the film school at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee to pursue a Masters in Fine Arts with film as her major. The exposure to different kind of film and video work especially in the genre of experimental media helped Shikha get a new insight into the documentary form. It is here that she developed a personal , self reflexive artistic approach towards her work reflecting a greater effort to relate form to content. After finishing her course work at UWM, Shikha decided to go back to India in early 1990 to shoot her thesis video documentary on women agricultural workers of India. The result was ONCE THIS LAND WAS OURS. The post production for the tape was however done in NTSC at UWM.
What is perhaps a common thread in Shikha Jhingan's work is a dissenting voice on issues as contentious as the Deorala 'sati' incident, the practice of female infanticide and mechanisation in agriculture which is threatening the livelihood of millions of landless farm workers. Shikha is now settled down in Delhi where she plans to do her future work as a documentary artist independently as well as with Mediastorm collective.

Artist Code: 286


Once This Land Was Ours

1991, 18:30 minutes, colour, with English Subtitles

Critical Writing

UWM films explore race and gender issues
by Elfrieda Abbe. Milwaukee Journal, Dec. 13, 1992.